Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

What does customer-oriented entrepreneurship mean to you?

Business results are the result of providing sufficient service to our customers. That’s at least what ANWB thinks. Therefore, the customer experience is paramount within your organization. Anyone who thinks roadside aid is declining is wrong. ANWB currently has about 4.7 million members, and that number is still growing. And in addition to breakdowns, our Roadside Assistance has a large branch with insurance clients and offers travel. During the Oracle Modern CX Summit hosted by Oracle, we attended a fascinating ANWB conference on customer-oriented entrepreneurship.
Your biggest fan recommends you
Large organizations like ANWB are very active in measuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, they always measure it and adjust the process accordingly. And as a result, ANWB has achieved the highest NPS ever since 2017. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to measure customer loyalty. That’s why many companies use this method.
The NPS is calculated by asking the customer the following question: How likely is a customer to introduce a friend or colleague to us? Respondents enter a score from 0 to 10 here. Customers who give you 9 or 10 are your fans and so-called promoters. These are the people who recommend your organization. In the Netherlands, Coolblue, De Efteling, KLM, Rabobank and ANWB have the highest NPS.
Engine of continuous improvement process
Customer feedback is the driving force behind ANWB’s ongoing improvement process. With more than one million people insured, organizations believe that this oversight needs to continue to be applied. Insureds who come into contact with ANWB often require a more client-centric approach. Most insurance clients are very happy. The NPS has increased significantly in recent years simply because customer feedback has become very audible.
Let the departments learn from each other
As consumers these days, we are overwhelmed by the survey, but ANWB members and customers still seem to be willing to provide feedback. The average response is 40 to 50 percent. After each contact, the client receives an email asking if they would recommend the organization as a result. In addition to giving points, you have the option of providing an explanation in the open text field.
Customer responses are sent directly to the employees involved. Feedback is discussed internally and shared with different departments so we can learn from each other. Then, an improvement process is developed based on this. Tips for collecting customer feedback
Make feedback easy for your customers. Make sure that the client process runs smoothly and works on a variety of devices. Take customer signals seriously, provide feedback, ask questions, and thank you. Establish an improvement process and place it prominently within your organization. Gathering feedback alone does not guarantee a better customer experience.

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