Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Collaboration between well-known companies is becoming more and more crazy

Levi’s and Felix the Cat, Lego and Nintendo, Ghostbusters and Bathing Monkey … there are many collaborations. This is how YouTuber grows, fashion brands have won it for years, and now even game companies and smartphone makers are fully involved. OnePlus is probably the most excited cell phone maker-Harry Potter smartwatch or Pacman phone, who?

Collaborative trends
It makes sense for brands to look for each other, especially if they come from completely different worlds. When you get stronger and stronger, you often end up getting stronger. OnePlus itself is not the first phone brand to seek collaboration. Huawei has worked with Gentle Monster on smart glasses and Porsche on high-end variants of its flagship smartphone. For example, there are more collaborations. Apple created a smartwatch with Hermès.
Whereas smartphone brands have traditionally sought to collaborate primarily with brands in the slightly more luxurious segment, OnePlus is now moving in a completely different direction. In fact, it comes with two pop culture-related products that you didn’t expect from a Chinese brand. It’s a Harry Potter smartwatch and a Pac-Man smartphone.

Harry Potter smartwatch
Harry Potter watches may look childish, but they’re not that bad. A pretty elegant watch with a brown vegan leather strap and one logo of the house with a wizard in the background. This watch is currently sold only in India, but is expected to reach other parts of the world. By the way, it’s just a Harry Potter makeup watch-there’s a regular OnePlus watch. So expect a huffle puff, gryffindor, or raven claw color and Harry Potter style icon, and well-known smartwatch specs: 400 mAh battery, 1.39 inch AMOLED screen, 4GB storage. 1GB of RAM.

Pacman smartphone
In smartphone terms, you can’t immediately expect a Harry Potter OnePlus phone, but the Nord 2 Pac-Man variant is writing Android Central. At this time, it’s unclear what he will do after leaving the post. We know that menus have a game bias that goes beyond fun icons. It may even have a game element. Consider other Pac-Man extras, such as special camera filters, moving wallpapers, and of course Pac-Man 256 games. This is also OnePlus Nord2. With 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the Pac-Man One Plus will cost € 529 and will be available in Europe. The price of a regular model is 499 euros, so it’s not bad. OnePlus hasn’t officially announced the phone yet.

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